About the Artist

A native of Arizona, Zee was born into a world of gems, fossils and minerals. As a child he  explored old mines looking for crystals; cultivating what was to be a lifelong love of working with natural elements.

Working as a stone cutter for the last three decades, he has integrated his techniques, processes and passion to create a new form of mixed-media called “GemStone Art”.

Each piece is designed using high quality gemstones that have been sliced or faceted and then strategically placed into the surface creating a vibrant and colorful art piece.

The use of LED lighting from behind the gemstones results in a magical display of texture and grain and color of the various gemstones being used.

GemStone Art is the culmination of Zee’s career as a prospector, stone cutter, and artist. His finished pieces continue to aspire to more and more intricate expression.

Zee has partnered with Xanadu Santa Fe to showcase and distribute his art.