About The Art

This revolutionary new art form is the most fascinating, amazing, and unique art you will find anywhere in the world. There are only a hand full of galleries that have the privilege of representing this artist and his exclusive work. Each piece is a one-of-kind priceless artifact captured in steel, pure white light, and gemstones from the depths of our planet.


Abstracts     Aquatics     Butterflies & Dragonflies    Fossils & Minerals    Front-Lit     Horses     Hummingbirds     Nature

The GemStone Art canvas consists of materials in rough, raw form painstakingly cut, shaped and prepared to allow light to pass through the gems. The subject or image is etched by hand and cut in steel with special tools. Finally each gemstone is meticulously placed to maximize color, balance, and beauty.

Artist / designer Zee watches for symmetry in shape and color coordination as each piece develops. Different shapes are designed from colored tourmalines, opals, emeralds, rubies and other natural materials from a comprehensive private collection.

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If you have questions and / or would like to purchase a GemStone Art piece you can contact us by phone 505-603-1000 or email xanadusf@gmail.com.

Many GemStone Art pieces can be viewed and purchased at Xanadu Santa Fe located near the Downtown Plaza at 135 West Plaza Avenue Santa Fe, NM 87501.